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Models Love Cake

I love this tshirt! I know it may not be art, but in a way I think it is. The tshirt is designed by Cake, and is hard to get a hold of... Damn!

Looking at You

Love this... So well done and real

Street Art

This is just amazing! This is an actual street (plain street...Not bending anywhere!), and the illusion is painted on. Pretty cool!

Fresh Fish

This very funny and artistic piece is by BlackScarletLove

This I found on DeviantArt and it is by Rezzan.
I find it very beautiful, and somehow makes my mood a little mellow. Very pretty indeed

Fish in the Bowl

By Plusone

Enjoy Your Breakfast

Found this little one on DeviantArt, and HAD to post it for you all... It's hilarious

Pic by Nocturnalmoth
Art Loves Me | TNB